Monday, February 13, 2012

in the pink and gorgeous!
I had the pleasure of working on a branding project for a local day spa that was moving to a new location. They wanted a new look for everything—from the logo to all the collateral pieces and even the interior space. The new location is in the heart of Chagrin Falls, a quaint little town filled with unique shops and restaurants. The client wanted the spa to be portrayed more like a boutique that specialized in skin care and makeup among many other things.
I had less than two months to complete everything! I started with the logo. The goal was to make it feminine, glamorous, yet fun... and what color is more perfect to portray all that than pink! Pink is such a happy color. It stimulates energy and encourages confidence, making it a perfect choice for a boutique that specializes in skin care and wellness! Pink also happened to be the client's favorite color and she wanted to carry pink throughout the decor of the new place.
It was important to carry the tone of logo—the feminine playfulness—into the boutique. The new space is filled with a combination of vintage and new furniture and accessories. Makeup products are displayed within old china hutches, buffets and tables that have been lovingly repainted and restored.
Pink stripes are used on the collateral pieces and also on one wall in the seating area. A vintage chandelier and photo add to the overall tone of the space. There is even an inspirational wall, filled with gorgeous divas from the past. 
How can you not feel gorgeous in a place like this? If you're ever in Chagrin Falls, stop by and visit La Look. They are located at 100 N. Main Street, Suite 350. You will love it!

You can check out their website,, for more information but I have to warn you the site isn't completed yet. That's next on my to-do list!

Monday, February 6, 2012

a weekend painting project

January was a very crazy month for me. I had several large projects in the studio which kept me quite busy, even on the weekends! This past weekend, I finally had some free time and I was in the mood to paint—not walls but an old chair that I picked up at a flea market.
The chair had seen better days. It was pretty beat up and the chair cushion was a very dirty green vinyl. But for just $5, I knew it was a special jewel just waiting for a makeover. 
I wanted to use the chair in my studio so I made a trip to Home Depot and purchased an orange paint to match marigold's logo. The color is called Fresh Tangerines by Glidden.  
I couldn't decide on the fabric so I ended up buying both of these. Either one would have worked but in the end, I chose the geometric pattern.
The chair—before and after. It's amazing what a little paint can do! Total cost of the project was under $20 plus $5 for the cost of the chair!