Thursday, February 25, 2010

marigold wins an addy

The American Advertising Federation of Cleveland (AAF) honored Marigold with a 2009 ADDY Award, for “The Magic of Marigold” holiday gift. The ADDY Awards honor the work produced each year by the most creative local advertising agencies, across a number of categories, including print, broadcast and interactive advertising and sales promotion efforts.

The concept—the magic of marigold—is wrapped around the beautiful, handmade paper that contains marigold seeds and petals which can be planted. The first page contains the holiday message along with the recipe for successful planting of the "magical seeds." The twig pencil is perfect and added the final touch to the gift. The notepads were mailed within a simple brown kraft envelope sealed with a marigold sticker. Loose marigold petals cushioned the sharp pencil within the envelope.

I truly enjoyed designing this holiday gift for my clients even though I did obsess about it for months [just ask my family and friends]. I was under tremendous pressure because I felt it had to be better than last year's "Wishing you a Marigold Christmas" note cards which also won an Addy [now do you understand my obsession]. It isn't easy designing something for yourself to give to your clients. I have wonderful clients and it was important to give them something special and unique. I also wanted to make it practical... when the notepad is empty, they can plant the cover which contains marigold seeds and enjoy the magic of marigold all year long!

Always remember, there is a little bit of magic inside each of us just waiting to bloom. All you have to do is believe!

Hmm... now what am I going to design this year?!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

be my valentine

I love Valentines! I don't know if it's the typography, colors or shapes that I'm drawn to or just the fun in picking out that perfect valentine for that special "someone" in your life. I remember in grade school, shopping for boxes of valentines and picking out the best ones for my special friends. And of course, you had to make a valentine box to hold them. I had so much fun decorating my box with all sorts of things—wrapping paper, ribbon, lace, fabric—whatever I found in the house. I think my design skills were taking shape in those early years because I always had the prettiest valentine box! When my children were young, I enjoyed helping them pick out their valentines and decorating their valentine boxes too. And yes, they also had the best ones! It does help having a graphic designer as a mother that had access to cool paper, stock books and art supplies!

Those days are long gone but I still enjoy picking out valentine cards (or making them) for those special people in my life. I hope you find that "perfect" card for your valentine. Here are a few I found online. Enjoy!

Simple and beautiful, silk-screened cards from Museum Facsimiles.

Handmade cards found on etsy.

I love the fun graphics on these – also found on etsy.

I love handkerchiefs and have a few from my mother that I  treasure.

Message in a bottle from Anthropologie.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Winter Hues

I have to admit that I am not fond of winter. It is my least favorite season. I hate the cold, the snow, the ice and everything that goes with it. Living in northeast Ohio, winter seems to linger a bit too long and by February, I'm beginning to count the days until spring.

But even though I truly despise winter, there is something calming about the winter hues—the soft shadows in the freshly fallen snow, the stark brown branches of the trees against a bright blue sky, the dried red berries hanging off a branch and even the icicles hanging from the roof—all showcasing nature's simplicity at its best. Below is a color palette of the winter hues surrounding my home. What are yours?

Spring is only 48 days away but in the meantime, I will enjoy the hues of winter as I patiently wait for the daffodils to bloom! Enjoy!