Sunday, August 23, 2009

What color personality are you?

always have loved working with color, since I was a child with a box of crayons. I literally would spend hours drawing and coloring—the possibilities were endless. Back then, there were only 64 colors in a box of crayons and today there are 120. Today's kids are so lucky!

Since I love color, you probably think my home would be very colorful. Actually, it's the complete opposite—a very neutral color palette with splashes of color tucked into each room. Because I do work with color daily—from selecting colors for an identity project to developing a color palette for a client's new line of products or for their markets—I prefer my personal spaces to be calming, stripped of color where my mind and body can rest and recharge. I also tend to gravitate toward the warmer, natural hues such as ginger, caramel, gold and terra cotta. In fact, I just bought the new issue of House Beautiful (which by the way is a fabulous color issue) and took the personality test based on your name. I am definitely a "Gold" which radiates love, joy, compassion and understanding. And as for home styles, "No. 3 Relaxed," fits me the best.

If you love color, I definitely recommend the September issue of House Beautiful. And take the color personality quiz to find out which color you are!

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