Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Typography inspirations.

I love typography almost as much as I love working with color. Good typography excites me and it's one of the reasons I fell in love with graphic design. I can't really pick one designer who has influenced me, but a few of my favorites are Paul Rand, Herb Lubalin, Herman Zapf, Piet Zwart and Jan Tschichold. I still have my portfolio from my college days and it's fun to look back on my first layouts and type projects. I definitely think I have come a long way from those early days and of course, the computer has made it easier. My old t-square now holds a place of honor on the wall by my seldom used drafting table—reminders of those bygone days!

It's inspirational to see typography used in artwork, household and everyday items. Who can resist monogram towels or a set of rustic letters for their home or office. I know I can't! I couldn't resist purchasing this rustic letter "M" from Anthropologie for my studio. It looks wonderful sitting on my filing table next to the vases.

Here are a few other items I found with typography. If I had more wall space I would purchase some of these stretched wall art from 2 modern.
I love these hooks from Antropologie. They are perfect for a mudroom, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom to hang anything from coats to towels.
I want some of these mugs from Anthropologie–perhaps spelling out marigold! 
Who can resist these beautiful sticky notes?


  1. I love the sticky notes—I would definitely buy these!

  2. I too like the idea of household items that involve typography. I built a make-shift kaleidoscope at university using little cut out letters for the shapes (they’re usually just weird shapes). Made really beautiful patterns. If I could make it properly, I imagined making a nice wooden one for adults to add to their living spaces as an ornamental thing.