Thursday, February 11, 2010

be my valentine

I love Valentines! I don't know if it's the typography, colors or shapes that I'm drawn to or just the fun in picking out that perfect valentine for that special "someone" in your life. I remember in grade school, shopping for boxes of valentines and picking out the best ones for my special friends. And of course, you had to make a valentine box to hold them. I had so much fun decorating my box with all sorts of things—wrapping paper, ribbon, lace, fabric—whatever I found in the house. I think my design skills were taking shape in those early years because I always had the prettiest valentine box! When my children were young, I enjoyed helping them pick out their valentines and decorating their valentine boxes too. And yes, they also had the best ones! It does help having a graphic designer as a mother that had access to cool paper, stock books and art supplies!

Those days are long gone but I still enjoy picking out valentine cards (or making them) for those special people in my life. I hope you find that "perfect" card for your valentine. Here are a few I found online. Enjoy!

Simple and beautiful, silk-screened cards from Museum Facsimiles.

Handmade cards found on etsy.

I love the fun graphics on these – also found on etsy.

I love handkerchiefs and have a few from my mother that I  treasure.

Message in a bottle from Anthropologie.

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  1. I miss those fun days of making out tons of Valentine's Day cards for everyone in class. Nice memory!
    You picked out some nice ones here Maryanne!