Thursday, April 7, 2011

spring fever

Winters are very long in Northeast Ohio and by March, I'm counting the days until spring. I have spring fever really bad this year because winter has been extremely longer than usual. Nothing is in bloom here and it doesn't feel like April at all! At least the snow has melted and that's the only good thing I have to say about the weather!

Here are some things I do to cheer me up when I have spring fever. I hope they work for you too.

Purchase spring flowers for your home or office. My flower beds are overflowing with flowers in the summer so I always have fresh flowers in the house but unfortunately, not in winter. I bought yellow tulips last week and daffodils this week. Just looking at them makes me happy!

Spruce up your home or office with some new accessories. I bought these colorful pillows from Target for the family room and studio. The green adds a little bit of spring to my very neutral family room. And the orange one is for marigold's studio!

Change out your artwork to something lighter. I changed the artwork over our fireplace in the kitchen to something that felt more like spring. My friend actually made these prints for me with ferns from our woods. I will share the technique with everyone in a separate blog!

Treat yourself to a new purse. I found this colorful Coach tote. It's perfect for client meetings or traveling. I'm really picky with my purses—just ask my daughter who said she will never go shopping with me again when I'm shopping for a purse! I like lots of pockets and it has to be roomy enough for traveling so I can throw my sketchbook in there.

Treat yourself to some fun shoes or sandals for those spring days ahead. Who can resist a new pair of sandals or shoes! I've been looking for months for some fun and colorful flats and finally found these at Nordstrom. I hate to admit that my daughter won't shop with me for shoes either!

Good luck with your spring fever. Hopefully everything will be blossoming soon!

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