Friday, May 13, 2011

hidden treasures

I love going to flea markets and antique shows because you never know what you will find. I'm always on the lookout for that hidden treasure that I can repurpose in my home or studio. 
I did exactly that this week with this beautiful picture frame I found while antiquing in Maine. I fell in love with the intricate details on the frame and at $20, it was a bargain to say the least! It's been sitting in my closet for almost a year waiting patiently for me to find that perfect print to frame. 
I remembered I had this Abrams Art Book containing 16 plates of Van Gogh that I purchased years ago at an antique show in Ohio for only $10—an unbelievable bargain! The prints were the perfect size so I carefully removed the Sunflowers plate. I know some of you are gasping at the thought of cutting up an old book but I purchase antiques to enjoy, not to resell and I will get more enjoyment out of this print if it's hanging on the wall! I love the warm tones and it complements the warm golds in the frame. 
I have no idea how old this frame is. As you can see from the back, all of the original hardware is still intact and there are tiny pieces of old newspaper glued on the metal part of the photo. I wish they were larger so I can make out the information which could give me a clue on the age. 
The old photo is fascinating. Who was this lady? Did she have a family, a home, a business? I feel a little guilty removing her from her home. And as you can see, the paper frame tore to pieces when I removed her. The photo is printed on metal so I'm wondering if this is a Daquerreotype or Tintype which would date it to the mid-1800's. If anyone knows, please email me because I'm curious.
And with the new artwork in place, I can now enjoy my hidden treasure!


  1. Be-au-ti-ful! Thanks for sharing this story. It just shoes you how you can repurpose and create beautiful treasures.

  2. Shows not shoes! What a day. Ha!

  3. And for only $30! You can beat that!

  4. you certainly have an artists eye!
    nice find Maryanne!!