Wednesday, July 20, 2011

a gardening / artist shed

my dream shed and yard – via HGTV
This past weekend, we ordered a gardening shed from Miller's Sheds in Millersburg, right in the heart of Amish country. It is going to take at least five weeks to be built and then they deliver it on a huge truck and finish assembling it in our backyard. I can't wait—I have wanted one for a long time! I have been researching and gathering magazine clippings of different styles that I like for months and finally narrowed it down to a Gable Style with double doors on the front, windows on the front and side and finished off with a cupola and weathervane on the roof. 
Of course, I visualize the shed to be an extension of my studio—a place where I can work on art projects. I added a work bench under the double windows on the one side which will be perfect spot for potting plants or to work on those messy art projects that I don't want to do in my studio. Only garden-related objects will be allowed in the shed such as the tractor, lawnmower, shovels, rakes, etc. I already warned my husband that if I find his golf clubs or anything related to golf in my shed, they will disappear! 
more beauties – via HGTV

I promise to post photos when completed. In the meantime, we have to prepare the area for the shed and determine where to place it. Of course, I want it in a sunny spot to take advantage of the natural light and my husband wants to place it off to the side, closer to the pine trees so it isn't in the way of practicing putting. We'll see...


  1. This will be a beautiful addition to your garden and art studio space!!
    I look forward to seeing it installed!

  2. Thanks Pat! We have a lot of work ahead of us. Once it's in, we will landscape and prepare the vegetable beds for next spring. I hope we have a long Indian summer!