Sunday, September 2, 2012

meet our Vincent Van Gogh

Meet Vincent Van Gogh—Vincent for short—our new member of the family. This photo was taken when we first brought him home, back in June, when he was only 4 months old. I found Vincent on the internet at TMT Rescue and we went to meet him at the Pet Expo in Akron. As soon as I saw him in person, I knew we found our dog. Look at that face! How can you not love him! 
Vincent is a border collie mix and was an angel the first month. He didn't bark or cry and we had him potty trained in two days! I can't believe people warned us about getting a puppy, especially a border collie because they tend to be full of energy. Vincent wasn't like that at all! Well, not the first month anyhow...

I was never a morning person (just ask my friends) but once Vincent arrived, I had to get up early to let him out or else I would have an awful mess to clean up! Not wanting to deal with a mess first thing in the morning, I now wake up early and actually enjoy having an extra hour or two to get a head start on my projects. And believe me, I need it because having a puppy is like having a baby in the house—with a lot of interruptions during the day!  

Things changed the second month. Vincent became more comfortable with us and entered what I like to call his "terrible two's". This is when I realized magazines, pillows and puppies do not mix well! And I won't even mention what he does to shoes. I just found one in the back yard—don't ask!

Vincent's favorite past time outdoors is digging in my flower beds. God only knows what he is looking for and my flower beds will never be the same! I used to be obsessed over my flowers but that somehow changed this summer—I wonder why!

We have been taking Vincent to a beginner's training class and graduation is this week! In the past five weeks, he has learned to sit, lie down, drop it and leave it (most of the time!), walk fast on a leash (can't walk slow yet), watch me, shake, stay and come. That's a big accomplishment for a puppy! Of course, we go through bags of treats to get him to do those things but he's learning and we couldn't be happier.

Vincent is 7 months old now. He's a happy puppy and loves everyone, especially children and dogs. He's quickly becoming a favorite in the neighborhood and has play dates with the children and their dogs. We just installed an invisible fence, covering an acre of our yard, so he can run off some of his energy. We'll see if it stops his chewing... 

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